Photogate with Physlogger

A photogate is a device that can help in measuring linear and angular velocities. When an object obstructs the opening of a photogate, it registers a change in the electrical photodetected signal. This signal is registered on the computer using Qosain Scientific's Physlogger.
Product Code: Photogate+Physlogger
Brand: Qosain Scientific
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Rs. 35,000
The photogate and Physlogger combo can be used for measuring:
  • linear and angular speeds
  • accelerations
  • momentums
  • revolutions per minute
The photogate is also an integral component of numerous introductory and advanced physics experiments. Discuss your needs with us.

The price is for a single Physlogger and Photogate. Add three photogates to this combo with a discounted price of Rs. 50,000.
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