Magnetic flux and electromagnetic induction from disk magnets

In this experiment, we attempt to:

1. understand one of the fundamental laws of electromagnetism,
2. understand the meaning of magnetic fields, flux, solenoids, magnets and electromagnetic
3. learn how to measure magnetic flux and induced e.m.f.,
4. interpret the physical meaning of differentiation and integration,
5. verify Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction
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In this experiments magnets are rotated on a platter. There is aseries of three coils of varying number of turns. These coild pick up an emf. The emf can be amplified and detected by means of  our general purpose data acqusition device Physlogger. The sampling rate is maximized at 1 KS/s.

The flux measured by a Hall sensor can also be measured and students can verify the integration-differenetion relation between the signals from the Hall sensor and the pickup coils. The following factors can be varied and their impact on the signals can be meaningfully studied.
  • Number of magnets
  • Number os turns of coils
  • Curve fitting the view of the induced emf
  • Integrating the emf and comparing it with the signal from the Hall sensor
  • Changing the speed and direction of the rotating platter
The system comprises:
  • Platter
  • Three solenoidal coils (No. of turns=1100,700 and 300)
  • Hall sensor
  • Mechanical frame
  • Physlogger
  • Disk magnets (an assortment)
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